Quality US Standards Medical Care in Roatan Honduras

Roatan Honduras is a hidden jewell in the Caribbean with some of the best beaches in the world. We have the largest living barrier reef in the world and facilitated by a well protected marine park.  We are also out of the way of most major hurricanes. Roatan, Honduras stretches 34 miles long by 3 miles at it's widest point, Roatan has a ridge running along most of the center of the island with gently rolling hills leveling out to stretches of white sand and patches of rocky or coral-lined beaches. Roatan is home to approximately 100,000 people although that number can change seasonally. International Living recently named Roatan as one of the Best Islands to Retire to in 2015. Roatan Honduras also won the 2015 Traveller's Choice Awards by TripAdvisor, Roatan was also voted the #3 island in the entire world.

Latest Developments in Roatan Honduras

One of the top hospitals in Central America that caters to American and Canadian medical tourism, Cemesa Hospital, recently opened in July of 2016. This is one of a very few large and advanced hospitals on a Caribbean island which is now offering not only great healthcare but also peace of mind to those living and vacationing on Roatan. Roatan is also home to one of the largest dive recompression chambers located less than 5 minutes from our Island Diving Center in West End. 




Cornerstone Hyperbaric Chamber and Clinic offers dependable hyperbaric healthcare to all divers on Roatan. In addition to hyperbaric medicine, their larger facility is now complete with an emergency room, x-ray room, two consultation rooms, one observation room, a laboratory, a pharmacy and is staffed by three medical doctors, an EMT and laboratory technician.