Why West Bay Divers in Roatan?

West Bay Divers is a boutique PADI 5-star Dive Center that has been operating since 2008, specializing in small groups and valet service. The dive shop is approximately 50 yards back from West Bay Beach, behind Beacher's Bar and Grill.


For certified divers we operate three dives a day starting at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, and 2:00 pm. There are many sites to choose from that are suitable for all experience levels, including reefs, walls, caverns, and wrecks. Night dives are conducted on request and we can arrange shark dives and other special trips. We believe strongly in providing a personal valet service for all customers, making your dive as relaxing and hassle free as possible. Our staff sets up all your equipment beforehand, you just arrive 15-20 minutes before each dive for a briefing from the Divemaster, and then we go off on the dive! Dive groups are kept small with a maximum of 6 people per Divemaster, and usually, it is less than that. We will even go diving with just one customer if you are the only person diving that day!
The boat returns to West Bay after each dive, unless we are visiting sites further away in which case we do a 2-tank dive in the morning. For this reason if you are traveling with non-divers you do not have to spend the entire day or even morning diving, ensuring you can spend time with family and friends.

New and Comfortable Boats

We have two boats "El Ray", and "El Gordo", which allows us greater flexibility in scheduling our dives and choosing dive sites. El Ray is a 31ft deep hull panga that can accommodate 12 customers per dive. With a 225 Yamaha 4 stroke engine this boat is perfect for making longer trips to more exclusive sites. Rinse tubs are available for customers with underwater cameras. El Gordo is a 30ft long panga that can accommodate 12 customers per dive. With a large open area conducive for training, El Gordo is our primary boat for students.

Experienced Staff

Our dive staff currently consist of two boat captains, one mechanic, one PADI Staff Instructor, two PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers, one Open Water Scuba Instructor and a few free lance instructors on call. With 10,000 dives between us there is no shortage of experience on tap. We can offer service in English and Spanish (other languages may be accommodated with prior notice).

New Top of the Line Equipment

We have all new Cressi integrated weight BCDs, regulators and fins. Also a large stock of wetsuits, masks/snorkels, weights, dive lights, slates and other useful equipment. Our tanks are filled using a Coltri Sub compressor, filters are changed more frequently than necessary to make sure you have the cleanest air possible. We take pride in keeping all our equipment regularly serviced and maintained in excellent condition. In line with this philosophy our maintenance tech is a certified PSI tank inspector. All equipment rental is included in the price of our dives and courses. We also have personal equipment lockers for storing your dive gear overnight if you desire.

Perfect Safety Record

At West Bay Divers we have a strong commitment to safety. Diving correctly is very safe, diving incorrectly is not. We conduct all our dives within industry safety standards and never take divers beyond their current training level (unless in training). All our experienced staff are Emergency First Responders, trained to supply first aid and oxygen. Our shop and boats are fully equipped with first aid kits, emergency oxygen and drinking water. We are also lucky to have a Hyperbaric Chamber just minutes away, should the worst happen.

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