Blue Channel Shallow and Deep Dive Sites Roatan

Blue Channel dive is one of Roatan's most famous snorkel sites and is a also a great dive site as well. Swim up a wide, shallow channel in the reef and into 20 minutes of tunnels finishing in the shallow swaying turtle grass, with stunning coral and marine life, including huge clouds of silver sides (white bait) in the late summer. Marine life includes turtles, octopuses, large green moray eels, giant hermit crabs and loads of jaw fish make this dive something to remember. There are shallow areas for snorkelers to explore for hours as well as the deeper sloping sand patch covered with coral patches for divers of all levels. A number of moray eels live around this area and are fun to observe under a rock or out for a swim. From the shallow buoy explore from the small opening as it wides out to a large cavern area. Be sure to look under ledges and around the coral for fireworms, large feather dusters and lobster. Some really cool crevices make for some long swim throughs about halfway through the dive on your left. Be careful as you choose these and follow your divemaster or instructors lead on which channels to enter. Good buoyancy control is needed to navigate these in a slow controlled manner to avoid scrapes with the coral. You can end the dive back at the shallow buoy or continue on to the deeper areas and to the wall. From the deep buoy explore the canyon and swim throughs and then make your way to the wall and drift dive along the top of the wall. 

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* The above dive site map is from the Roatan Dive Guide containing fifty of Roatan's best dive sites. Available in store for $20.