Hole in the Wall is a deep (30-40m/100-130ft) tunnel carved out of the reef wall that then hangs over the deepest blue you will ever see. In the shallow caves that start at 60 ft. you can explore a network of canyons and tunnels also known as ‘Swiss Cheese’ that can take up to 60 minutes to swim through. We end the dive in the shallows swimming our safety stop. This dive is a great test of anyone’s buoyancy skills.

Experience Level: Advanced recommended

Common Sightings:

  • Unique swim throughs
  • 200+ ft sand chute
  • Large Green Moray Eels
  • Beautiful coral formations
  • Pillar Coral
  • Brain Coral
  • Spotted Drum
  • Yellow Snapper
  • Scrawled FileFish


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* The above dive site map is from the Roatan Dive Guide containing fifty of Roatan's best dive sites. Available in store for $20.