Light up your Roatan Night Dive with Fluorescence!

See Roatan's famous String of Pearls, Bioluminescence and Fluorescence all in one!

West Bay Divers now offers Fluoro (High-Powered Fluorescent) Night Dives! The Fluoro Night Dive uses high powered fluorescent lights that make the reef naturally fluoresce providing you with an amazing experience you won't forget! Your gray and dark night dives can now be lit up with bright yellows, reds, greens and purples from the many different varieties of coral and animal life. Each diver also has a regular white light to explore as well during the dive. Towards the end of the dive we will turn out all lights and if you are lucky you will see Roatan's famous "String of Pearls" in the distance, an effect created by luminescent shrimp. Roatan night dives feature the globally rare phenomenon called "string of pearls" -- imagine tiny strings of light, each a small glowing beacon floating in the sea. Phosphorescence is great, but Roatan's string of pearls is even more amazing to experience and when combined with West Bay Divers' unique Fluoro Night Dive! Roatan is also famous for its Bioluminescent Plankton as well that you can only see during a night dive. 

Our Fluoro Night Dives are around 1-2 times a week and usually on Thursday Nights. We have experienced divers consistently tell us that it is one of the coolest dives they have done. Even if you are diving with another shop (many recommend it), you are welcome to book our exclusive Fluoro Night Dive experience. Just call or email to book yours today. 

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