Dec 3, 2019

400+ 5 star reviews, one 4 star, and NOTHING less? Yep, believe the hype!

vincefromaustin Dec 2, 2019

I asked myself: how is it possible for a business to have over 400 5 star reviews, just 1 4 star, and NOTHING at a 3 star or less? Seriously, I'm surprised there wasn't some rotten apple that complained because it rained or something, but regardless ... yep they deserve 5 stars in every respect.

The diving itself is wonderful; plenty to see, lots of variety, beautiful formations, cliffs, wrecks, turtles, coral, you name it ... just a paradise.

As a dive operation, these people couldn't be nicer. Scuba shops always seem to have one or two cranky employees, but West Bay seems to have recruited all of their people from Chick-fil-a (but only ones that have incredible diving knowledge). Friendly and helpful doesn't really do them justice, but let's just say they couldn't be any better in my opinion. We had several dive masters; two were on sort of a temporary duty assignment, but were some of the best we have ever had (one was a guy from Gibraltar, and a girl from Poland, just nice, helpful people!). The shop has great equipment that is FREE to use. Let me repeat - NO nickel and diming was involved. You tell 'em when you want to dive and what you need. I basically just brought a mask, and they provided everything else. How much extra did that cost? Yep: ZERO. I even lost a personal snorkel on a dive, and they loaned one to me so I could go snorkeling on my own. How much? FREE. They are not pushy whatsoever; the snorkeling was so good we wound up just doing a few tanks with 'em, but that was fine because that is what we wanted.

FYI, we stayed at the Grand Roatan and used their location at the hotel to book everything. Worked out great - super highly recommended. We absolutely will be back and without a doubt will be using West Bay Divers in the future.

Wonderful diving honeymoon

LDuncan, Flin Flon, Canada, Nov 2019
We dove with West Bay Divers for a week on our honeymoon and we can’t say enough positive things about this Dive company. They went above and beyond our expectations. Markos, was our dive master for almost all of our dives and certified my husband on his advance open water dive. He was super friendly, calm, and I always felt safe on his dives. He was very knowledgeable on the sea life and could answer any questions on fish or creatures once we surfaced. If you’re looking to get certified I would highly suggest going with Markos!
The rest of the guys were awesome as well: Barney was at the shop always was friendly and gave us tips for snorkeling right at our beach in the afternoon and our Captains (one was Hazel) and drivers were so friendly and helpful. I felt like I didn’t have to do a thing but enjoy and soak in the moments.
Thank you so much West Bay! You made our honeymoon an experience we will never forget!

Intimate snorkel excursion with great boat and crew

KarenKayBillings, Charlotte, North Carolina, Nov 20

Review of: Cruise Excursion – 2 Snorkel Trips for one person with transport
My sister, grown daughter and I had a fabulous snorkel day within a very limited time cruise stop on Roatan. Our driver was there to pick up up and get us to the dive shop. It was a very intimate affair with the three of us with a snorkel leader and two divers from our cruise ship and their dive leader. We had two separate reef locations and as much time in the water as we could squeeze in. I highly recommend the West Bay Divers and I will be back! And the reef at Roatan is amazing.

Company you can relay on it

Dmitry F
Lake Placid, New York
Reviewed October 24, 2019

Review of: Cruise Excursion – 2 Snorkel Trips for one person with transport
Tim and his crew worked very hard to make my trip fabulous. Even my cruise was late West Bay Divers transportation was waiting for me. Great people, very good snorkeling. I would go back again with Tim and his crew. Thanks. Linda

Great dive operator and fantastic diving

danschueckler Winchester, Virginia – Octover 2019

My wife and I spent our 20th anniversary at the Grand Roatan resort and dove with West Bay Divers. It was a great experience all around. We purchased a package of 20 dives and ended up doing 21 over the course of a week. West Bay Divers staff were incredibly friendly and the most professional organization we’ve ever dove with. The dive masters were top notch. Jorge always took his time with us and was just a blast to be with. On request Edwin brought us to an eagle ray who allowed us to approach closely. Sarah led a great night dive. Our dives were awesome and varied from walls, to swim throughs, deep and shallow reefs, a great night dive, etc. Barny was a great help back at the shop too!

We can’t recommend West Bay Divers enough!

First. Responder Training

Trvl4Fun8 - October 23, 2019

I took. an Emergency First Responder (EFR) course last week with West Bay Divers.
Mayghan was my instructor for the EFR course. She is an excellent teacher. She was extremely instructive and made sure that everyone in the class mastered all of the vital concepts and understood the ‘why’ behind each. She made the course lively and involved all of us in mastering each of the essential skills.
I came away from the course with confidence and a feeling of pride.
I would suggest this training for everyone and recommend West Bay Divers and Mayghan without any hesitation..

Paradise in Aquamarine Pristine Waters!

Reviewed October 18, 2019

My boyfriend took me to Roatan and we had a marvelous week!!! Oh the water was stunning hues of blue!!! The coral and fish amazing!!! We had so much fun! Travis and Tim are fabulous managers - making sure everything was provided and running smoothly!! We enjoyed Captain Tex and Captain Hazel! And Amber and Scott were fun and experienced dive masters! I enjoyed snorkeling while Graeme enjoyed diving. And we saw dolphin, sea turtles, rays, etc! What PARADISE!!!!!

Amazing scuba diving experience!

October 2019

The team at West Bay Dive were absolutely amazing. They are full concierge, which was really nice with it being my first time diving. We stayed down the beach from their facility and they picked us up at our resort at no extra charge. They were also extremely accommodating when I had to reschedule, the morning of my dive, due to being congested and unable to equalize.
I completed my discovery dive, a friend did a refresher, and my partner did his first open water dive with them. They accommodated us all. The water near the facility wasn't that clear, so they brought us to a location on the other side of the island that was clear and absolutely stunning. A few members of our group went to a different dive shop and did not get the same top notch experience (and paid more!)

These guys are great and we will definitely use them the next time we're in Roatan!

Thanks guys!

As a Dive Master of 39 years....this was the greatest dive experience. Unmatched.

By SoCalDM_858 – October 13, 2019
I’ve been a Dive Master for almost 40 years, and have travelled the globe diving. My family and I did an excursion to Cayos Cochinos, and it’s a memory we will have for the rest of our lives; most importantly, for my grandkids. We also did an additional 14 dives with them.

The captain, Hazel and 2 Dive Masters, Mayghan and Tim provides top-notch service, professionalism and safety conscious at all times. They are a full service concierge dive company that is truly unmatched on Roatan, if not all other places I’ve been. The boats are incredible, all the staff I met were fully customer-focused. I’ve been to Roatan many times over the years, and finding this gem of a dive shop can’t be found elsewhere.

The ONLY Full Concierge Dive Shop on the Island!! A++++++ Must Use!

September 2019
Above and beyond the full concierge service that is unmatched on Roatan (been diving there for over 10 years), I was fortunate enough to take Advanced Open Water, First Emergency Response AND Search and Rescue. The staff is unbelievably customer-focused and extremely helpful.

My instructor, Mayghan, was very safety-oriented and followed PADI instructions - for all 3 certifications - to a T/perfection. Practicing multiple times, thoroughly explaining certain items, and matched with real-life examples that helped me to remember.

There is no other dive shop that compares. From “fun” dives to certifications - they are truly unmatched.


Fantastic Dive Experience

cfreemon19, May 31, 2019

The employees were super helpful in getting the equipment ready and set up. The dive sites were all great, and I was able to fully experience everything thanks to our instructor Edwin. Fruit was provided between dives which I liked. Overall a great experience and I would happily dive with them again. Extraordinary Scuba Diving Khamil07, May 30, 2019 Sarah and the team at West Bay Divers took wonderful care of my friend and I on our May 2019 diving adventure. We did ten dives over the course of four days, and each dive was a wonderful experience. My friend already had his advanced PADI diving certification, and I used the trip to become an Advanced Open Water Diver, and Sarah completed my entire Advanced Open Water instruction, efficiently incorporating the skill elements during dives of gorgeous coral and breathtaking underwater features. I developed a great deal of additional confidence in my diving thanks to Sarah's expert instruction. What set West Bay Divers apart was their modern equipment and boats (and I understand that they are expanding their fleet of boats) and small diver:divemaster ratios. I'll definitely dive with them again on my next trip to Roatán. West Bay Divers Are The Best Cory C, May 27, 2019 We had an amazing experience with West Bay Divers & their entire team. Joel & Scott were excellent instructors and helped us expeditiously become competant Advanced Open Water Divers. I would recommend them to anyone wanting an amazing scuba diving experience or scuba certification. Thanks guys for making the whole experience beyond our expectations!

Life Changing Experience !

Michael_M, May 27, 2019

It's been a few days since returning from my Roatan Island vacation and I have yet to stop thinking about my scuba diving adventure with West Bay Divers. In the time up until our lovely chance meeting with our future instructor, my girlfriend and I had been spending most of our days at the beach in front of our hotel, slurping down pinta coladas, snacking on ceviche as well as some casual snorkeling. It was my birthday and while up at the pool (avoiding the beachside salesmen) one of the instructors from West Bay Divers politely introduced herself as Mayghan Wilson and asked us if we'd like to do a little scuba demo in the pool. It is something I have always thought about doing but have never made the jump to actually go and sign up. But here was my opportunity literally right in front of me. So, we jumped in. Mayghan was so friendly and personable right off the bat. All of the anxieties over handling, and strapping into the cumbersome and intimidating gear went away very quickly and we found ourselves really enjoying the surreal and wonderful experience of breathing underwater. I was hooked. We excitedly planned on meeting the following morning to begin our divers training. I really cannot overstate what a wonderful teacher Mayghan was. She was patient with us when we got ridiculously easy questions wrong, and kept us laughing and having fun through the entire process. Eased our nerves in the water with her confident and calm demeanor and really made us feel like rockstars when we passed through a "skill" section, giving us the energy we needed to grow and move forward. (with plenty of jokes and laughing in between) Her passion was clearly evident. The flora and fauna we saw on our dives were truly mind blowing! It was like diving into a scene from "Finding Nemo" (Ha!) We followed Mayghan around the reef like two baby ducks, studying her moves closely and imitating...checking out all the little magical creatures she'd point out to us. It was like being an astronaut in an alien world... The experience has definitely changed me forever and I cannot wait to get back into the water as soon as I can! I have never reviewed anything before online but was so moved by this experience I felt compelled to do so, in hopes that more people might try it out. I can't recommend West Bay Divers, or specifically instructor Mayghan Wilson highly enough.

Still Great!

Degroffdivers May 24, 2019

This was our 4th time diving with West Bay Divers. Their personalized service and small dive groups keep us coming back. Tim answered all our questions via e-mail prior to this last trip. We did 10 dives,+ 1 night dive, 1 deep diver adventure dive , got Nitrox certified and they coordinated a trip to the other side of the island for a Shark Dive that we asked to do at the last minute. . Tim arranged everything including transportation. Jaimi ,our dive master, went with us. She took care of our equipment and tank set up every day . Megan was our dive master 1 day when Jaimi wasn’t available and did an excellent job as well. Everyone at the shop makes you feel at home and are so friendly! They really make an effort to take you to a variety of dive sites and cater to your preferences. We can’t wait to go back!

Great Staff and Private Boat Option

Ashlynu2, May 23, 2019

Our dive leader Eva and boat captain Hazel were amazing for the 4 days we rented a private dive boat with them. They took us to the most beautiful reefs and best wrecks (including the Odyssey and El Aguila) around the island and took great care of our gear between dives. Every dive exceeded expectations thanks to West Bay's great staff! An awesome first time scuba experience Musickmann, May 21, 2019 This was the first time I attempted scuba, and Jaime was absolutely incredible as an instructor. She clearly explained everything and chose a dive location that would present the best opportunity. I love the laid back, yet confident and professional feel of the entire team at West Bay. After our first dive, we ran into the owner on the beach that night and he went out of his way to accommodate our schedule for a second dive the next day. All of the equipment and facilities were well cared for, which shows the teams dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable experience. I couldn’t have asked for anything more as a first time diver.

World-class diving and service

Rick V Houston, Texas, March 2019

My family of 4, including two teenage kids, dove with West Bay Divers and Jorge for 1 week. I have been diving for 29 years and can’t imagine a better experience than what we had here. The scheduling was incredibly flexible, and Jorge took time to make sure my wife, who has had several back surgeries, and my kids who have only 25 dives each, were comfortable. We didn’t have to touch our gear other than to put it on before divers and take it off afterward. Jorge was also great at fish identification, showing us things we might otherwise miss. I highly recommend West Bay and Jorge for any families looking for great, safe, relaxed diving.


Awesome Diving Right besides the Grand Roatan Hotel.

Daniel Salento, Colombia, February 2019

Very convenient. The dives are plenty and very special. Our daughter had a great time. Very professional instructors, guides and boat captains. Date of experience: March 2019 West Bay Divers was wonderful! We spent a week on Roatan and my partner & I took the certification course while there. The instructors were great! The water was rough the first day so it made it difficult to finish all the skills but the instructors were very patient and helpful! The open water dive certification was easier to accomplish over the week that we were there. The reef is gorgeous! Show less Date of experience: 



Basic Scuba Certification

Kelly F, February 2019

I went to Roatan with my family in February and wanted to get my dive certification. Travis was extremely helpful in setting up all of the details prior to my arrival. Once there my dive instructor, Jorge, was awesome!! I struggled at first with some of the skills and he was extremely patient and helpful. The entire staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I cannot wait to get back and get my advanced dive cert. Thanks guys!! S

So happy we chose West Bay Divers!

Susan R, February, 2019

We recently returned from our 5th trip to Roatan but our first trip staying in West Bay. After reviewing Tripadvisor, we contacted West Bay Divers and from then on, our dive experience was smooth sailing...or diving. WBD was easy to schedule with, safe, professional, convenient, and super fun! The equipment we used that was theirs was in great shape. They made every effort to meet any requests we had. The dives were based on your air consumption...not cut short to meet schedule. The format of single tank dives and back to the shop worked great. The crew, from dive masters to boat captain, were top notch. I recommend this shop whether you are a new diver, or an experienced diver. Thanks, West Bay Divers, for making our first West Bay vacation such a success. Without exception, we all can't wait to come back!

Great company to dive with!

Franny, West Coast B.C. - December, 2019

Had my first cruise ship dive experience with West Bay divers. Great people great boats and great diving! Experienced divers like myself were separated with our own dive master while newbies were on their own with their own instructors. Nice boats and very uncrowded. Friendly, professional ,and fun to dive with! Will be using them again in January. 

Spent a week diving with West Bay Divers and had the most incredible experience!

Gabriela T, September 15, 2018
West Bay Divers have been awesome right from very first contact with the shop (emails with Hannah). Hannah was so friendly and accommodating and was able put a schedule together for me to complete my Advanced Open Water and was able to organise for my husband (who already had his AOW) to come out on the same boat/dives with me but with a different Dive Master.

I completed my advanced open water with Instructor Laura and couldn’t be more happy with my experience and choice of dive shop! I learnt so much, saw so much and also had loads of fun. Laura was incredibly kind and patient with me and taught me so many new dive skills. We also had lots of laughs and I had a great time !

It was ideal husband was able to come on the same dive boat whilst I completed my course as it was nice to not be separated whilst on vacation together. It also meant that we were able to share our diving experiences by diving at the same sites.

The diving in Roatan was awesome, West Bay Divers made sure to take us to a range of dive sites and all the instructors are quick to spot and point out all the cool marine life on each dive.

We went on more dives with West Bay Divers even after completing my course as we were having the best time.
Even though we were staying at a resort on West Bay that had a dive shop, after seeing all the resorts piling divers onto boats I’m so glad we found West Bay Divers. We always had a very intimate experience with small groups and special attention from the DM’s. The morning walk up the beach was so gorgeous and most days we were lucky enough to run into the banana bread man selling fresh banana bread on the beach to get some extra special post dive snacks to take the shop with us!

I should also mention the good quality gear that the shop had to rent, my husband liked his rental mask so much that he bought his own the same!

There is nothing I would change about my experience with West Bay Divers, thank you for the best time and awesome memories!


Best week ever with West Bay Divers

London, United Kingdom
September 15, 2018
Incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team from front to back. My wife and I dived all week with West Bay Divers and thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spent with them. Special mention goes to Laura and Hannah who were awesome throughout, we had so much fun and saw loads of cool stuff.

West Bay Divers made this holiday one we will remember forever. Mark


Best Dive Shop!

Jenny D, August 30, 2018
We visited Roatan in early August and booked several dives and a snorkel trip with West Bay Divers. They were amazing! Hannah was, at the time, running the front of shop and she was helpful, accommodating and a joy to deal with. Edwin and Laura were terrific dive masters and so much fun! By the end of the week we felt like we were family. Highly recommend this dive shop if you are going to West Bay!

Amazing week with West Bay Divers!

Steve M, August 25, 2018

Recently did my Advanced Open Water with West Bay Divers and was nothing but impressed with the whole experience. From meeting Hanna in the shop on day 1 to saying goodbye on day 6, everything was seamless. Smaller dive shop meant more personal attention and experiences. My instructor Madison was amazing, patient and excellent at her job. The divemasters were all friendly and beyond competent. Acting manager Hanna was professional, accommodating and overall awesome. Resident neighbourhood dog Luna was almost packed in a bag and brought back to Canada. I have nothing but great things to say about this dive shop.....hope to visit again some day soon!.

Love this Shop!

murrayk868, Fort Worth, Texas, Reviewed August 20, 2018 via mobile
We had an awesome time once again with the staff at West Bay Divers! Laura took great care of us on our dives, and helped be complete my Advanced Open Water certificate. Hana was taking care of the shop while we were there, she’s very helpful and friendly. We can’t wait to come back!

Amazing experience!

Brittney S
July 28, 2018 

West Bay is the best!! Went on my first dives after certification here and I can’t say enough about how professional and awesome they are. You won’t regret using this dive company, especially if you’re staying in west bay.


Outstanding Experience!

KK6Pack, Tampa, Florida, July 16, 2018

West Bay Divers is an exceptional Dive shop. My family and I came in on a cruise ship and Christi and her team made it so easy for me to set up a dive for my sons and I prior to even arriving. And of course, dealing directly through them was much less expensive than going through the cruise liner. West Bay Divers provided an absolutely professional experience from the very beginning. This was the first time for my sons and they can't stop talking about it. They enjoyed everything, the people, the instruction, and of course the incredible reef dive. Absolutely great experience. Must do event if you are in Roatan, Honduras.

Best Dive Shop - Great Dive Masters - Great Diving - we miss it!!!!!

DSilv117, July 9, 2018

Let me first start by saying that I am a PITA (pain in the a***) when it comes to e-mailing ahead of time. I like to have my dives organized and set before I arrive and Christi is THE BOSS when it comes to responding to every single one of my emails. She even typed out specific, meter by meter, driving directions (we rented a car). Yes, the drive from the road is bumpy but the diving is smooth sailing. Christi organized everything on her magical board - which also helps you keep track of the dive sites you visited! The great thing about Roatan is that the dive sites are 1-5 minutes from the shop so you come back in between and do your surface intervals on land. My husband and I would pack a cooler with snacks, but the shop also has beverages to purchase and hot water (we made oatmeal and tea one day). We also showered and had time to fill out logs. The night dive here was AWESOME - my first time seeing fluorescent phytoplanktan and it was so cool - i felt like Harry Potter! If you are ADV, ask to dive Texas (currents and HUGE barrel sponges and sargarsm triggerfish) and Hole in the Wall (swim throughs) and Blue Channel (swim throughs). We dove with Edwin the first day - catch phrases include "did you see the dolphins" and "are you excited", and then we dove with Connor a.k.a. Coco a.k.a. Blondie, and last day with Hannah - all were amazing and catered to our every need - no putting equiptment together for us - they do it all! We also love doing negative entry and Connor allowed us to, along with taking AMAZING boomerangs of us - thank you Connor! Everyday it was a true joy to drive to the shop and get ready - they have plenty of space to store your stuff and showers and dunk tanks - everything is clean and taken care of and just a joy! Thank you Christi and Thank you West Bay Divers for an incredible vacation and a wonderful set of memories - we will be BACK!!!!!!


Eric G, July 3, 2018

My friends and I were in Roatan to dive and we found, what I think, the best place on the island. I personally did seven dives with the company and would recommend them to anyone visiting. Our main diving guide Edwin, was wonderful and very attentive, the various boat captains and other dive guides were also very helpful and gave us a hand getting on and off the boat. The office manager was a huge help and worked with us to make sure we had a great experience and could dive as much as we wanted. They are a small company and because of this they are able to give wonderful and personal service.


It's not hype -all this is the good stuff!

bluewaterbaby, Texas, July 3, 2018
It just keep getting better! This is the 3rd season diving with West Bay Divers. As usual, safety is paramount and detailed dive briefings are enlightening. Even when we've had newer divers on board, the detailed briefings seem to keep any issues away, as everyone knows what to expect. Never more than 4-6 other divers in our group and maximum allowed bottom time once we proved ourselves to the newest team members. Both Conner (Coco) and Hannah were SUPER NICE (inside joke!) and very informed about the marine life, reef and its ecosystem.
Boat captains Oscar and Edwin always helpful and always in the right place. The equipment is top-notch and its up to you to handle or set up your own gear, or take the vacation way and they will do it all! Kudos to Christie and every other member of the West Bay Divers Team. Y'all seriously rock. :) Cannot wait to come back!