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Wayne Mclaughlin

General Manager

If you email us you may get the chance to speak to our wonderful Wayne! Wayne has worked in sales for over 25 years and will be able to build you the ultimate dive experience.


Angel Paz

Shop Manager

Angel is our Jack of All Trades!  He handles many administrative duties and responsibilities.


He has 3 beautiful children who love to be on the beach and in the ocean on days he brings them to work. Angel has been working in dive shops for 6 years, so if you have any questions, he will be more than happy to help you out.

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Eva Bijvoet

Assistant Shop Manager/Open Water Scuba Instructor

Eva became an instructor in 2005 in Utila but decided to move to Roatan because of the amazing diving and the beauty of the island. Now, 14 years later and she is still here!

Eva is from the Netherlands but speaks Dutch, English and Spanish. When she is not in the water, you will find her in our main dive shop ready for any questions you have about dive sites, marine life or just island life!


Joel Urbina

Head Scuba Instructor and PADI IDC Staff Instructor 

A master of teaching! Joel has over 15 speciality courses he teaches along with the traditional PADI Certifications.

He loves to dive in Roatan due to the amazing reef formations, which have created swim-throughs and underwater caverns.

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Mayghan Wilson

Head Scuba Instructor and Marketing Manager

Mayghan has dived in Europe, Australia, Madagascar, Utila and Sri Lanka before becoming an Instructor in the Dominican Republic. She has since settled in Roatan, the place she loves the most!

Mayghan is known for her sarcastic humour, fun teaching methods and her Scottish slang along the way!

Barny Levy

Activity Coordinator - Grand Roatan

If you swing by our Grand Roatan location, you will meet Barny!


Barny has been our Activity Coordinator for 3 years. He is dedicated to offering superior customer service and has fun doing it. Before your 9 am dive, pop in and see him. He will be sure to put a smile on your face. 

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Hazel Grant

Boat Captain 

Hazel, our captain with the music! Hazel was born on the island and started driving boats when he was 6 years old! (At least now he’s tall enough to see over the helm). Hazel’s boat is "La Flaca", which means “The Skinny” due to its long sleek shape.

His favorite thing to see while we are out on the boat are Dolphins, and luckily we see them very often while travelling to our dive sites.

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Anthony Mark-Washington

Boat Captain

Anthony was born on Roatan and due to growing up with boats, Anthony knows everything you need to about our reef system, dive sites and any other facts you would like to know about Roatan!

You will find Anthony on our boat "El Ray" which means "The King". His throne is up the ladder, meaning the whole bottom deck is completely for our divers - where we have plenty of space to relax before we roll into the water. 

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Angel Chirinos

Boat Captain

Angel, our Captain of "El Guapo" which means "The Handsome" has driven some large vessels in his career! But none more beautiful than West Bay Divers biggest dive Yacht. 

Angel loves doing the day trips to the island Morat and Guanaja because we get to see a lot of our island, rainforest, reefs and lagoons. Book a private trip to meet our Captain Angel!


Edwin Melendez

Divemaster/Boat Captain 


Bastiaan Ross Peers

PADI Dive Instructor 

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Ceci Correa

PADI Dive Instructor

Edwin loves being on boats, and underneath them! Some days you will find Edwin searching for fish and small critters, and some days he will be dropping you off at your favourite dive spots! 

Edwin became a divemaster because he wanted to lead dives and show people his amazing office - the Mesoamerican Reef. You will not be disappointed with Edwin as your Divemaster.

Bastiaan is a world traveller who fell in love with Roatan because of the pristine diving around the bay islands. He started diving in murky waters in a dry suit, so imagine how happy he is to be diving the mesoamerican reef nearly every day.


This joy is spread to everyone on the boat along with great knowledge and awareness about the reef.

Ceci is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and Underwater Photographer & Filmmaker from Argentina! She loves to take pictures & videos to share the amazing underwater world with people from around the world.

“I like to teach beginners because I get to show them the underwater world for the first time”.


Come and dive with Ceci so she can show you her love for the Caribbean turquoise water and the beauty of this island and its tropical vibes.

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