Roatan Diving

The Best Roatan Diving

The small island of Roatan which lies 30 miles off the coast of Honduras, is a scuba diver's paradise for awesome dives and memorable moments topside.  The diversity of dive sites available on the island are staggering.  In all, there are hundreds of dive sites on Roatan ranging from beginner shallow reef dives, to more advanced wall and wreck diving.

Why is Roatan Diving so Great?

Since the coral reef system is so close to the island, the whole thing is like one giant dive site! This means that you have a huge choice of great sites all within a very short boat ride from West Bay. This also means that if you dive with West Bay for a few days, you don't have to visit the same site twice (unless you want to).

Another great feature of Roatan diving is the quantity of marine life. Be prepared to see hundreds of species of corals, sponges, and fish.  There's also an opportunity to see larger pelagic species, turtles, and occasionally whale sharks.  At West Bay Divers, we offer a Shark Dive where you're almost guaranteed to see some Caribbean Reef Sharks.

We make Roatan diving easy going and enjoyable. We do all the heavy lifting!

  • Three dives per day 08:30, 11:00 and 14:00. Night dives upon request.
  • Our boat comes back between each dive giving you the flexibility to jump on any or all dives that day.  Two tank dive trips are also available to explore further dive sites.
  • There are 40+ dive sites within a 15 minute boat ride from our shop.
  • Tanks, BCDs, regulators and weights are set up on the boat prior to your arrival. Simply listen to our staffs briefing on the selected dive site, grab your fins, mask and wetsuit and head to the boat.
  • We maintain small groups on the boats with a maximum of 6 people plus the dive leader and typically, there are less than that.
  • If you would like to explore the South Shore or East End dive sites we have dive excursions available to reach those sites.
  • We offer a full range of PADI Courses whether it's your first time diving or you're looking to become a dive professional.

Start Your Adventure

Dive Sites

There are hundreds of dive sites on Roatan, including reefs, wall dives, caves/caverns, and several wrecks. You can dive up to 40 directly from West Bay and we can offer excursions to other areas on request.


Once you have experienced the beauty of Roatan’s underwater world at the dive sites we visit everyday, you may hope to explore other areas of the reef… you’re in luck! We now offer specialised Dive Excursions to Cayos Cochinos, Pigeon Cay, and South Shore.

Waihuka Shark Dive

The Shark Dive is a near guaranteed opportunity to swim up close and personal with Caribbean Reef Sharks. It's not unusual to see 10 or more sharks at the same time.

  • Inclement weather (westerly winds) days are 2-tank dives conducted on the south side of the island.