Dive Sites

There are hundreds of dive sites on Roatan, including reefs, wall dives, caves/caverns, and several wrecks. You can dive up to 40 directly from West Bay and we can offer excursions to other areas on request.  Take a look at our top five...

Blue Channel

Swim up a wide, shallow channel in the reef and into 20 minutes of tunnels finishing in the shallow swaying turtle grass, with stunning coral and marine life, including huge clouds of silver sides (white bait) in the late summer.  Turtles, octopuses, moray eels, giant hermit crabs and loads of jaw fish make this dive something to remember.

Hole in the Wall

Swim a deep (30-40m/100-130ft) tunnel carved out of the reef wall and then hang over the deepest blue you will ever see. In the shallows you can explore a network of caves, canyons and tunnels also known as ‘Swiss Cheese’ that can take up to 60 minutes to swim through. This dive is a great test of anyone’s buoyancy skills.

West End Wall

Fantastic wall and drift dive at the tip of the island featuring some of the finest coral in the Caribbean with the chance of seeing eagle rays and hammerhead sharks. Loads of canyons and channels to explore with vase sponges containing the elusive ‘cryptic teardrop crab’.

El Aguila (The Eagle)

Wrecked trading ship sunk in 1997. 60m/200f long and lying at a depth of 33m/110ft. Originally intact, it was broken up by hurricane Mitch in 1998. Lying at 33m. Great visibility and inhabited by large morays and surrounded by huge giant groupers. Around the wreck is an enormous collection of garden eels. Behind the wreck is a beautiful section of reef wall with lots of channels and canyons to explore, we often visit these towards the end of the dive and during our safety stop.

Mandy’s Eel Garden

The perfect reef dive for beginners and the experienced. Shallow 5m/15ft deep lagoons, linked by short tunnels and leading out to a stunning wall dive. We often see large stingrays feeding in the shallow sand patches, green and hawksbill turtles on the reef wall also. This is a great site for photographers with lots of natural light to bring out the beautiful colours. If you’re very lucky we occasionally see seahorses here.

  • The above dive site maps are from the Roatan Dive Guide containing fifty of Roatan's best dive sites. Available in store for $20.