Shark Dive


Want to dive with 20+ Caribbean Reef Sharks?

Waihuka Shark Dive

The Shark Dive is a near guaranteed opportunity to swim up close and personal with Caribbean Reef Sharks. It’s not unusual to see 20 or more sharks at the same time. There are 2 shark dives daily (except for Sunday) at 0900 and 1130, which leave from Coxen Hole. These are conducted by another operation but as they do not take bookings independently, it is necessary for us to book this trip on your behalf. The shark dive is an advanced dive (its deep with sometimes strong currents and large swells) requiring that you have at least completed the deep dive from the Advanced Open Water course and have dived with us already so that we know that you’ll be safe and have a good time.  The cost of the shark dive is $100 per person (incl. tax and our well maintained equipment) and round-trip transportation can be arranged for $20 per person.