A safe and fun way to interact with these majestic creatures of the deep!

The Shark Dive in Roatan is called Marco's Place (formerly named Cara Cara), which means Face to Face. West Bay Divers typically goes once a week and schedules your dive, provides equipment and transportation to the site and can provide an instructor with your group. You will never forget this incredible and safe experience of coming “face to face” with 5-15 Caribbean Reef sharks, all females and young. 

A checkout dive with us is required before approval to go to the Shark Dive as the currents can be strong at times. No exceptions are made to this requirement so doing the dive while on a cruise ship is not available through West Bay Divers for safety reasons. 

Upon arrival, the very expert staff will give you a detailed briefing. After a 10-15 minutes boat ride south of Roatan, you will arrive at the site of the shark encounter. You will have a buoy line from the boat to follow down as you descend. The depth of the dive is 70 ft and as you descend you will already see all the sharks swimming below. The Sharks can measure up to 10 ft in length. They hear the boat and know it is time for a meal. 

You will descend until your back is against a small reef wall which ensures the sharks will never come from behind you. The divemaster brings a bucket with a small filet of fish which is not large enough to feed them but enough to attract them to the site. Many times you can also see Black groupers, Green moray eels and schools of Horse eye jacks among others. 

Towards the end of the Shark Dive, your divemaster will ask you to go back into the position by the reef wall and he will open the bucket at a safe distance. And now the real show begins! All the sharks will jockey for position to get a taste. When the bucket is empty then usually the sharks leave soon after, and you will have the opportunity to look for shark teeth in the area where they fed. A little treasure of your Roatan Shark Dive experience.

Once you arrive back at the Dive Shop, you can watch the dive video which we do recommend.  


Length: 8:15 am to 12:00 noon

Requirements to book: 4 guests minimum

Divers: $150 /pp plus tax 



Utila is located 22 miles from Roatan and can be seen on a calm day. Utila offers excellent and unique diving and snorkeling, whale shark sightings during season and great local food to choose from, great parties including full moon parties and the famous Jade Seahorse Mosaic hotel. We will stop at a restaurant where you can get the lunch selection of your choice.



Length: 8 am to 2:30 pm approximately

Requirements to book: 4 guests minimum

Divers: $190 /pp plus tax - Includes Marine Park Fee 

Snorkelers/Boat Riders: $150 /pp plus tax


"The people, including the dive shop staff, boat captains, and dive guides are excellent. I especially recommend Jorge, who led us on amazing dives including reef, deep, night, wreck, and canyon dives. The shop also took us to go shark diving on the other side of the island.


– NDN4


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