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All You Wanted to Know And More...

Do you have Nitrox?

We offer Nitrox for certified divers at an additional price per dive (the more you dive the better the price).

Not certified? No worries, we offer the PADI Enriched Air Diver Certification as well!

Can your dive packages be shared with other divers?

Yes, the packages can be shared amongst your group no matter the number of divers.

For example: if person 1 does 10 dives and person 2 does 10 dives - you will pay for the 20 dive package.

Do you do Night Dives?

Yes, we schedule Night Dives per customer request, they are weather permitting, but 9/10 nights it is a beautiful night for diving!

Night dives are not part of the dive packages and must be purchased separately. 

Where in West Bay do you pick up your divers?

We pick up customers on the beach in front of our main shop and at the Infinity Bay dock.

How much is your rental gear?

If you are diving with us at West Bay Divers, there is no extra charge for rental gear - it is included in the cost of your diving.

How large are your dive groups?

We have a 5 to 1, instructor/divemaster ratio.

​How many people can you fit on your boats?

Our 55-foot boat “Guapo” comfortably accommodates 25 people.

Our other 3 boats 10-15 people.

Can I ride along on the boat with a diver in my family?

Yes, we allow non-divers and snorkelers to join on our dive boats.

Don’t see your question? Get in touch. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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