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Our Scuba Gear

Top of the Line Cressi Equipment

All Gear/Rental Equiptment is included in all of our dive packages and courses. No need to worry - we have excellent, well-serviced gear waiting for you.

Cressi BCD 

(Integrated Weight System)

We have a range of Buoyancy Control Devices from size XXS, XS, small, medium, large and extra-large. All of our BCD's offer an integrated weight system, a modern, streamlined and effective substitute for our weight belts. All BCD's are serviced regularly and cleaned at a professional-grade level.

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Low-Pressure Inflator

Inflate and Deflate your BCD

The LPI (Low-Pressure Inflator) is located on the left-hand side of the BCD and has one inflate (large button) and one deflate (slim button). The BCD can also be inflated orally at any time using the deflate button and exhaling into the mouthpiece.

Cressi Regulator Set

1st Stage - AC2 2nd Stage - Compact XS

Our regulator set include regularly serviced Cressi AC2 First Stages and 2x Cressi Compact XS balance 2nd Stages. In addition, we have our LPI Connector and our Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) for you to monitor your air while you dive.

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Cressi Fins

Open Heel

We have 2 options of fins at West Bay Divers. Many prefer the closed heel style and many prefer boots and open heels! We have both so you will not be stuck for choice. Comfy Boots and straps to get the perfect fit. Sizes 4 - 15.

Cressi Fins 

Closed Heel

Easy to slide on and off in the water - don't like boots? Then these are the ones for you! Sizes 4 - 11.


Cressi Mask

A good mask changes everything...

We have a number of different Cressi Masks at West Bay Divers ready for you to try. Make sure it fits your face with a nice seal and you are all ready to go diving!

Any more questions about our dive gear? Email us today - 

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