PADI Refresher Program - Everything you need to know!

Get back into the water with confidence!

Your PADI certification never expires; but if you haven't been diving in a while, it's better to be over-prepared than risk a problem because you forget something important.

What is the Refresher Class?

A Refresher is not a certification but an opportunity to be with one of our PADI Instructors and revisit common Dive Concepts, Equipment Setup, Safety procedures and any Open Water Skills you may wish to recap. The class is normally performed just before your first Open Water Dive with us at West Bay Divers.

How long till you have to refresh your Scuba Skills?

We often get asked this question - How long until you need to refresh your Scuba Skills?

This tends to vary between Dive Centers, but the most common response is between 6 months - 12+ months without diving.

West Bay - Our crystal clear water is the perfect environment for our Refresher Class.


1. Gets you comfortable back in the water

Which means you can see more marine life and have longer and stress free dives!

Ever have those first dives back after a while, where you jump into the water and it's not the best dive of your life... Don't waste your first dive getting comfortable in your buoyancy again. Practice on your refresher so it ensures all your gear is fitted perfectly and you're familiar with it, your mask isn't fogging and you know how to work your BCD.

Not only will your buoyancy and trim be better after you have revisited the 'hoovering/neutral buoyancy skills' but your air consumption may improve due to less stress and anxiety which means you can have a much longer, more enjoyable dive!

2. Allows the time for you to ask the PADI Instructor any questions, queries or concerns you may have.

Where are we going diving? What will we see/what do you want to see? How to work the LPI? The refresher allows you the time and tranquility to relax and really get to know the reef, gear and instructor before the dive happens. Now, doesn't that sound relaxing?

3. Most importantly, you will be confident in being able to perform any of the PADI Skills if you need to.

Did you laugh underwater and you got a little bit of water in your mask? No problem. LPI hose connector needs connected? No problem. We spot a toadfish and you want to get a closer look without touching the reef? No problem at all. The Scuba Refresher allows us to ensure you know and are confident in performing any Scuba Skills we use on a regular basis.

Money Matters - Time and Cost?

The cost of the Refresher Class is $120 which includes a short theory portion with your instructor, equipment, set up and skills in confined water and also includes your first dive in Open Water Dive at one of our incredible dive sites!

You can schedule a refresher at any time with us by emailing us at or sending us a message here on our website!

Below is a short itinerary of how some Instructors at West Bay Divers perform the Refresher Class but it normally takes approximately one hour for the skills and one hour for the dive.

West Bay Divers – Basic Dive Refresher Itinerary

8:00 am: Good morning! We will meet and get to know each other at the dive shop. We will take you to our equipment room and pick out equipment tailored specifically to you and ensure it is well fitting.

8:10 am: We will then make our way to the classroom area where we will refresh our memory of dive knowledge with the PADI Quick Review. This consists of 18 questions covering all 5 of the knowledge reviews previously learned in the Open Water Course. We will talk over any questions that have been answered incorrectly and refresh your knowledge of scuba diving.

8.45 am: Then the fun begins! We will get familiarized with the gear, go over how to set it up, how each component of the gear works and then revisit the skills we are going to do in the shallow water of West Bay. You will be given a slate on which you pick which skills you feel comfortable with and which skills you do not. From this, your instructor will be able to make a complete list of skills that you will refresh your knowledge of.

Some of the core water skills that will be refreshed are:

  • Regulator Recovery

  • Partial Mask Clearing

  • Buoyancy/Hoovering

  • Alternate-Air Source Use

Plus, any additional skills the instructor deems necessary from your answers on the slate.

9:00 am: We will head onto our beautiful beach and straight into the shallow water to perform the water skills we have just discussed in the briefing. After the skills have been mastered and you feel comfortable in the water, we will head for our first dive.

Afterward, you can continue straight onto another dive with us at 11 am or just celebrate a great day of diving and book subsequent dives.

Some special dives we offer include Canyon Dives, Wreck Dives, Night Dives, Drift Dives, Shark Dives and Multi-level Dives. Our boutique dive shop tailers our dive schedule to what YOU like to do, so lets us know and we will make it happen!

Any more questions about getting a PADI Refresher? Email us at to find out more.

(All prices include full equipment rental but exclude Honduran Tax).

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