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Roatán - How do I get there and why should it be on my bucket list?

Often when people hear of Roatán, they don't quite know exactly where it is.

In this entry, we will be explaining:

  1. Where is Roatán exactly?

  2. How to get here

  3. Why it is so special

  4. How you can book Scuba Diving with us in Roatán

1. Where is Roatán exactly?

Roatán is an island located in Central America about 35 miles/60 km from Honduras, close to Belize and Guatemala. Roatán is one of the 3 Bay islands (Roatán, Utila, Guanaja) and is the largest of the three. The island itself is only 40 miles long and only 5 miles wide at its widest point (kind of like a slightly bent sausage shape!).

Roatán is situated in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea and has the second largest reef in the world - The Mesoamerican Reef surrounding the island. Roatán is an ideal diving destination for a lot of Americans and Canadians due to its close location, with flights coming from Houston, Miami, Dallas and more every week. See below for more details on flights.

2. How to get to Roatán?

There are many flights from Canada and the USA into Roatán (RTB). The major departure airports directly to Roatán are Miami (MIA), Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Atlanta (ATL), Minneapolis (MSP), Houston (IAH), Denver (DEN), Toronto (YYZ) & Montreal (YUL).

The Bay Islands Tourism Bureau has collected recent airline information to create this handy schedule so you can see the best flight path and airline for your next trip!

Find out more travel information and stay up-to-date via the Bay Island Tourism Bureau here:

Not finding an easy route from your departure airport? Try looking at flights into San Pedro Sula (SAP), an airport one-hour away from Roatán, then take one of the smaller CM Airlines planes straight over to Roatán instead! We know a number of people who regularly take this journey, and although it can sometimes be a slightly longer journey, it may be worth it for timings and prices.

Check out CM Airlines for a short domestic flight here:

3. Why is it so special?

One of our 3 Boats - El Guapo

Our island is famous for its close-to-shore and abundant reef system easily accessible for both, shore dives & short boat rides. With access to over 250 dive sites, a vast majority within a 10-minute boat ride, it is a Divers's Paradise.

The Mesoamerican Reef is bursting with life with daily sightings of abundant fish populations such as Rabbitfish, Pufferfish, Sergeant Majors, Parrotfish, Trumpetfish, Blue Tang, Scorpionfish, Damselfish, Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Grouper and Snapper and many others are present on almost every dive site.

We have very common sightings of White Spotted Eagle Rays, Southern Sting Rays, Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Green Moray Eels, Brown Spotted Eel, Nurse Sharks and of course the Spinner, Clymene, Bottlenose and Atlantic Dolphins.

More uncommon but special sightings include our Great Hammerheads, Scalloped Hammerheads, Pilot Whales, Whale Sharks and Rough Tooth Dolphins. Swipe through our gallery below of some pictures we have taken recently of our Ocean Life.

The island isn't just for Scuba Divers by any means, there are many great activities for kids and adults, all over the island, along with great restaurants at every turn! You will not be short of adventure on your visit to Roatán!

4. How you can book Scuba Diving in Roatán?

Our Dive Shop - West Bay Divers has 2 locations, both on West Bay Beach. West Bay Beach has repeatedly been voted one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and it's clear to see why... crystal clear waters, soft white sand, and lots of choices for food and activities. There is no shortage of beauty or fun to be had in this area of Roatán.

West Bay is the ideal spot on the island for Shore Diving! Never been diving before? If you have never tried Scuba before and have limited time on the island you can try a one-day Discover Scuba Diving Adventure with us from our location at the Grand Roatan. Learn more about doing a Discover Scuba Dive with us here:

If you want to become a fully qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Diver, we have courses available on the island that will take between 2-4 days to complete, depending on your choice and if you want to complete the theory at home before you come! Learn more about getting certified at West Bay Divers here:

If you're already certified and are just looking for a great place to go fun diving look no further than West Bay Divers. We have full concierge service for all of our customers. You just need to sit back, relax and wait till you can backroll in! We take care of everything from setting up your gear, cleaning and storing and of course, providing you with some juicy watermelon between each dive! To book a dive package with us and check out our prices click below:

But don't take our word for it... come and check out our Diver's Paradise - Roatán and come dive with the West Bay Divers Family!

Any more questions about getting to Roatán or diving with us? Email us at to find out more.

The West Bay Divers Family!

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