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Roatán - How do I get there and why should it be on my bucket list?

Often when people hear of Roatán, they don't quite know exactly where it is.

In this entry, we will be explaining:

  1. Where is Roatán exactly?

  2. How to get here

  3. Why it is so special

  4. How you can book Scuba Diving with us in Roatán

1. Where is Roatán exactly?

Roatán is an island located in Central America about 35 miles/60 km from Honduras, close to Belize and Guatemala. Roatán is one of the 3 Bay islands (Roatán, Utila, Guanaja) and is the largest of the three. The island itself is only 40 miles long and only 5 miles wide at its widest point (kind of like a slightly bent sausage shape!).

Roatán is situated in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea and has the second largest reef in the world - The Mesoamerican Reef surrounding the island. Roatán is an ideal diving destination for a lot of Americans and Canadians due to its close location, with flights coming from Houston, Miami, Dallas and more every week. See below for more details on flights.

2. How to get to Roatán?

There are many flights from Canada and the USA into Roatán (RTB). The major departure airports directly to Roatán are Miami (MIA), Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Atlanta (ATL), Minneapolis (MSP), Houston (IAH), Denver (DEN), Toronto (YYZ) & Montreal (YUL).

The Bay Islands Tourism Bureau has collected recent airline information to create this handy schedule so you can see the best flight path and airline for your next trip!

Find out more travel information and stay up-to-date via the Bay Island Tourism Bureau here: