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Roatán - Current Entry Requirements

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Roatán is open!

Update: April 2nd 2023

It's now even easier to jump on a plane and head to our beautiful tropical island. That being said, you still need to do a few things before you can drink from that coconut while floating around in the crystal-clear waters of West Bay Beach.

Entering Honduras

Effective 22 March 2023 Honduras has officially dropped the requirement to wear a mask and to present either a negative covid-19 test or a vaccination card.

However, you must complete 2 forms required to enter Honduras no earlier than 5 days before your arrival time. For best results complete the forms on a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device.

  1. Honduras Immigration Precheck (Prechequeo)

Create a username and password, enter your information and complete the Precheck Form (Prechequeo). You will need:

  • Your passport (number and expiry date)

  • Flight details (airline, travel dates and flight number)

  • Address of where you will be staying in Roatán.

Once you have clicked “Save”, the system will send a confirmation email with an attached PDF and QR Code. You will also be able to find the PDF on your homepage.

Save the PDF to your phone to show at the airport or print it to have it available when asked for it.

2. Honduras Customs Declaration Form

As of 27th March 2023, all individuals traveling to and from Honduras must complete the Honduran Customs Declaration form electronically before arriving at the airport. If you’re traveling as a family, one person can complete a single form for the whole family. This form is mandatory for both entering and leaving the country.

Save the PDF to your phone to show at the airport or print it to have it available when asked for it.

Go Diving and Have Fun.

Now it is time to dive straight in. Get ready to see Roatán's amazing marine diversity and colorful reef! Enjoy your time in Roatan and with us all here at West Bay Divers.

Any more questions? Email us at!


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